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High Pressure Pumping

Mounted on a 1 ton truck, our high pressure pumping truck offers a more cost effective way to pump than the traditional pump truck

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Oilfield rentals and sand testing

Offering innovative solutions to common oilfield problems, Ghost Production has a variety of services to best fit your company.

With years of experience in the oilfield industry, Ghost has a solution to your company's problems. Whether it be rentals, a more cost effective approach to sand sampling, or a more effective and efficient high pressure pumping, Ghost can help you today.

  • Sand sampling
  • Oilfield rentals
  • High Pressure Pumping

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High Pressure Pumping

Our high pressure pumping truck is a much more cost effective approach to pumping versus traditional pump trucks.


We carry H2S scrubbers, and flare stacks.

Sand Sampling

Our sand testing greatly reduces capital costs as sand separators can be used more effectively; leaving higher sand flow wells with a separator and removing separators from low sand producing wells. Ghost Production Services system can provide accurate measurement of real time sand being produced and can customize testing parameters to allow trending to be established. Samples are measured to the nearest half gram and liquid production is also recorded in litres during testing.